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Postscript Thanksgiving prayer
  • 23rd Nov 2023

Postscript Thanksgiving prayer

The mythology of Thanksgiving may be suspect, but the feeling of gratitude is undeniable. A nostalgic and heartwarming story.

Starbucks holiday menu returns: New cups and coffees like peppermint mocha back this week
  • 2nd Nov 2023

Starbucks holiday menu returns: New cups and coffees like peppermint mocha back this week

Starbucks is bringing back its holiday menu and festive cups on November 2, featuring new and returning seasonal drinks and food items. The lineup includes the iced gingerbread oat milk chai and the Oleato gingerbread oat milk latte. Additionally, Starbucks is releasing a range of festive cold cups and tumblers. Competitor Dunkin' also announced its holiday menu, including Cookie Butter Cold Brew and Spiced Cookie Coffee.

What news can we find under Coffee News Section?

The Ever-Pouring Pot of Coffee News

Ever wondered about what lies beneath the frothy surface of your morning cuppa? Well, you're in for a treat. Under the topic "Coffee", there's an entire universe wide open and steeped with tantalising stories!

First off, isn't it curious to know where those delicious coffee beans come from?. Stories on cultivation, harvesting methodologies and conditions that contribute to varying flavors await discovery. Like wine sommeliers, there are specialised 'coffee tasters' or Q Graders who have fascinating insights into this dark marvel.

"Could our daily dose be affecting sustainability?"

This is another wonder inducing question we encounter within this subject. Find numerous studies showing possible impacts of coffee farming on our environment under sub-topics such as climate change and deforestation.

We all know how personal a good brew can get - so why not explore personalized brewing methods too? There are countless articles discussing different brewing techniques: French press versus drip; espresso vs long black - each method having its own devout followers.

A fine example draws comparison between making coffee to spinning tales: It's all in the details! Each step channeling into creating something truly unique. Isn't it beautiful when stirring up emotions mirrors stirring cups?

If fitness spins your wheel, then here’s an interesting scoop – research emerging on health benefits of caffeinated beverages could become your new interest area while sipping your preferred filter kaapi or café au lait metaphorically speaking.

Dive Right In!

In conclusion, like layers inside a robusta bean, articles under ‘Coffee’ serve every flavor for everyone from connoisseurs to amateurs starting their journey alike. All it needs is your curiosity brewed right.'Till next time!'


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