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Dozens arrested USC campus students Texas detained Gaza war protests

Police peacefully arrest student protesters at USC, contrasting the aggressive detainment of demonstrators at UT Austin amid nationwide campus clashes.

In a tumultuous day of protests and clashes between law enforcement and demonstrators at universities across the United States, the University of Southern California (USC) saw a peaceful resolution to student protests, while the University of Texas at Austin experienced a more aggressive response from police.

At USC, tensions between police and protesters escalated throughout the day, leading to the peaceful arrest of a few dozen demonstrators who were standing in a circle with locked arms. The evening saw a calm dispersal of the group, in contrast to the chaotic scene at the University of Texas at Austin, where hundreds of police officers forcefully detained protesters, resulting in 34 arrests.

The clashes at both universities reflect a broader trend of unrest on campuses nationwide over the Israel-Hamas war, with students demanding divestment from companies supporting the conflict. The protests have raised concerns of antisemitism among some Jewish students and prompted universities to take a heavier hand in response to the demonstrations.

Harvard University, for example, has restricted access to campus grounds and required permission for protest activities, while Columbia University has faced ongoing negotiations with protesters to clear encampments. The response from universities has varied, with some calling for order and others facing criticism for their handling of the protests.

As tensions continue to simmer on campuses across the country, students and faculty are calling for transparency, dialogue, and respect for students' rights to protest. The clashes between law enforcement and demonstrators highlight the complexities of navigating protests and upholding campus rules while ensuring the safety and well-being of all individuals involved.

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