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Pico Launches Machine Learning AI Capabilities Corvil Analytics 10.0 Software Release

Pico announces Corvil Analytics 10.0 software release, using AI and ML for proactive notification and natural language descriptions in financial markets.

Pico, a renowned global provider of essential technology services, software, data, and analytics for the financial markets community, has unveiled the highly anticipated Corvil Analytics 10.0 software release. This cutting-edge version incorporates revolutionary internal research in machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI) to deliver proactive notifications and natural language descriptions. These features are designed to correlate performance-affecting events, unusual occurrences, and extreme events that impact trading outcomes and infrastructure performance.

Widely utilized across the financial services sector, Corvil Analytics offers vital performance insights and actionable business intelligence for trading infrastructure, IT operations, trade reconciliation, and regulatory compliance teams. Moreover, data scientists and quantitative analysts benefit from advanced tools for comprehensive data analysis and operational assistance. A single Corvil Analytics appliance deployed in these environments can process up to an impressive 7.5 million data points daily. The 10.0 version of Corvil Analytics leverages research on ML/AI techniques tailored to the unique data patterns, analytics volume, and performance challenges in the financial services industry. This innovative approach introduces a new capability in 10.0 that automatically identifies, correlates, and narrates the underlying causes of significant business-impacting events.

Ken Jinks, Managing Director of Product Management at Pico, expressed, "The release of Corvil Analytics 10.0 marks a significant milestone in our ongoing research and innovation efforts. Our data science team's years of research in ML/AI techniques have enabled us to automatically detect business-impacting events in trading and corporate IT infrastructure. Proactively detecting and describing these events in real-time is just the beginning. By highlighting correlated events and providing natural language descriptions, all users can swiftly grasp and communicate root cause analysis to stakeholders, facilitating prompt corrective action."

In addition to the groundbreaking features mentioned above, Corvil Analytics 10.0 introduces:

Trusted by leading banks, exchanges, electronic market makers, hedge funds, data service providers, and brokers worldwide, Corvil Analytics boasts a legacy of over twenty years. The platform continuously enhances its ability to extract and correlate technology and transaction performance intelligence from dynamic network environments. The release of Corvil Analytics 10.0 underscores Pico's commitment to investing in the platform, focusing on identifying events of interest intelligently, enhancing user experience, and reducing ownership/configuration costs in complex financial services environments.

The Corvil Analytics 10.0 release will be available for download and deployment starting May 1 through the Pico Client Portal. Interested individuals can register for a webinar hosted by Pico on May 2, 2024, at 10:00 am EDT | 3:00 pm BST to gain further insights into Corvil Analytics 10.0.

About Pico:

Pico stands out as a leading global provider of technology services for the financial markets community. The company's technology and services power critical systems for global banks, exchanges, electronic trading firms, hedge funds, and financial technology service providers. Pico offers an innovative portfolio of transparent, low-latency market solutions alongside an agile and expert service delivery model. Clients opt for Pico when seeking the flexibility to move swiftly and gain a competitive edge in the fast-paced realm of financial markets.

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