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Gray Zone Warfare system requirements

Gray Zone Warfare system requirements aim to draw in Escape From Tarkov players, but concerns over optimization and performance remain.

Gray Zone Warfare, the latest game aiming to capture the attention of Escape From Tarkov fans, has released its system requirements for players to meet. While the minimum specs are not overly demanding, early performance issues suggest that optimization may still be a work in progress.

For those looking to meet the minimum requirements, a Nvidia GTX graphics card or Radeon RX 5700 will suffice. With 16GB of RAM and a relatively high CPU expectation, players should be able to run the game on a gaming PC purchased within the last five years.

If you want to experience Gray Zone Warfare at its best, the recommended specs call for a Nvidia RTX 3070 Ti or AMD Radeon RX 6800, along with 32GB of RAM. The game also offers features like Nvidia DLSS 3 for frame generation, but only on newer Nvidia GPUs.

In terms of download size, Gray Zone Warfare comes in at 40GB, with no specific requirement for a gaming SSD. However, based on early testing results, using an SSD is highly recommended to improve loading times.

Overall, meeting the system requirements for Gray Zone Warfare should provide players with an enjoyable gaming experience, but keep in mind that early access games may still have some performance issues to iron out. Test your PC with our benchmark test to see if you can run Gray Zone Warfare smoothly.

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