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WSU players discuss their roles in NCAA Football 25

Washington State players excited to be featured in new NCAA Football 25 video game after 11-year hiatus, hoping for high ratings.

Kris Hutson stood under the bright sunlight, surrounded by his Washington State teammates finishing up spring practice, and made a bold declaration. "I need me at a good 90," he said with a grin. "Y'all got me? I need me at a 90, NCAA."

As a wide receiver who recently transferred from Oregon, Hutson was referring to his rating on the upcoming NCAA Football 25 video game, marking the end of an 11-year hiatus for the series. Players from all over the country were given the chance to be included in the game, along with a $600 incentive and a complimentary copy. The excitement among the Cougars was palpable, as many didn't anticipate the return of the game after such a long absence.

The common sentiment among the players was one of anticipation and eagerness. "They gotta have my drip right. That's No. 1," Hutson emphasized. "Obviously the overall (rating), I'm curious what that's gonna be." Rising sophomore cornerback Adrian Wilson echoed the sentiment, expressing his desire to be a 99 overall and ensuring he's "dripped out" in the game.

With all 134 FBS programs set to be featured in the game, including WSU, fans can expect an updated version of Gesa Field and an immersive gaming experience. This opportunity was made possible by a landmark court ruling allowing student-athletes to profit from their name, image, and likeness, revolutionizing college athletics.

The prospect of seeing themselves in a video game was met with gratitude and excitement by the players. Junior edge rusher Raam Stevenson remarked, "I'll tell you what -- I don't know what my overall is gonna be, but just to be in a game in general, that's life changing." Sophomore offensive lineman Noah Dunham reflected on the surreal experience of going from playing the game as a fan to being a part of it.

While the exact ratings remain unknown until the game's release, predictions suggest top players like Kyle Williams, Christian Hilborn, John Mateer, and Nusi Malani could be among the highest-rated Cougs. However, with roster turnover and new faces emerging, the rankings may vary.

The anticipation and honor of being featured in the game were shared by rising sophomore defensive lineman Ansel Din-Mbuh and freshman running back Wayshawn Parker. Din-Mbuh expressed his excitement at the thought of kids worldwide playing as him in the game, while Parker looked forward to progressing through the levels each year.

Overall, the return of the NCAA Football series has sparked enthusiasm and gratitude among college players, offering them a unique opportunity to see themselves immortalized in a beloved video game franchise.

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