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Maya Rudolph Vampire Weekend Rip-Roaring Fun Strangely Scatological SNL

SNL cast honors moms with punchlines, Maya Rudolph shines, Beyoncé struggles with hot wings, and hilarious skits keep the laughs coming.

The SNL cast honored their mothers in a special Mother's Day tribute, with each mom delivering a punchline that was sweet, fun, and funny.

During the monologue, Maya Rudolph was surprised to learn she was the Mother of the House of Rockefeller, leading to a Madonna-esque music video that paid homage to "Vogue" in an amusing and impressive way.

Mikey Day's Sean Evans interviewed Maya Rudolph's Beyoncé on Hot Ones, showcasing her low tolerance for hot wings in a hilarious and intense manner.

In a sketch titled "please don't destroy: Explore Page," the cast navigated the awkwardness of their dates discovering their strange online behavior, resulting in a deranged attempt to hide their phones.

A skit titled "Y'all Won" humorously depicted teachers giving up on their students who had defeated them in various ways, showcasing the students' clever antics.

The British Cavemen sketch explored the behavior of cave people in England, with cast members adopting British accents in a surprisingly entertaining manner.

In "Can You Pick Me Up?" Maya Rudolph played a mom trying to pick up her daughter from sleepovers without revealing the real reason, leading to a comical array of excuses.

A nine-member iteration of Vampire Weekend performed energetic songs on the show, with cool guitar parts and intriguing drum sections.

During Weekend Update, Colin Jost and Michael Che delivered witty commentary on current events, with Sarah Sherman portraying RFK Jr.'s brain worm in a hilariously unhinged manner.

In the Dawn Farraway sketch, Maya Rudolph played a pretentious actress struggling to act in a commercial, filled with random and juvenile humor.

Various cast members celebrated National Nurses Week by portraying nurses discussing their profession, with Rudolph and Ego Nwodim playing Jamaican nurses caring for a difficult patient in a humorous way.

An ad for Lanzetti Lawn Care featured Rudolph and Mikey Day as owners of a landscaping company, promising that no wife would have an affair with their staff in a dysfunctional and funny manner.

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