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Elvis Presley granddaughter fights save Graceland foreclosure auction

Elvis Presley's granddaughter sues to stop Graceland foreclosure sale, claiming fraudulent loan documents and fake company. Priscilla Presley supports her.

Elvis Presley's granddaughter, actress Riley Keough, is taking legal action against an investment and lending company to prevent the foreclosure sale of the iconic Graceland mansion. Keough inherited the property in Memphis following the passing of her mother, Lisa Marie Presley, and a settlement with her grandmother, Priscilla Presley.

A temporary restraining order was obtained by Keough against Naussany Investments & Private Lending LLC, who had scheduled the sale of Graceland for May 23. The lawsuit filed by Keough alleges that the company presented fraudulent documents claiming that Lisa Marie Presley had borrowed $3.8 million and used Graceland as collateral.

The authenticity of the documents was called into question when the notary, Kimberly L. Philbrick, denied ever meeting Lisa Marie Presley or notarizing any documents for her. The lawsuit further claimed that Naussany Investments was created for fraudulent purposes and could be a false entity.

Both Naussany Investments and Elvis Presley Enterprises, which manages the Presley estate, have denied the claims of fraud. Priscilla Presley also spoke out against the alleged scam in an Instagram post.

Following a settlement agreement, Keough was named the sole trustee of Lisa Marie's estate and Elvis' estate. The agreement included a lump-sum payment to Priscilla funded by Lisa Marie's life insurance policy and provisions for Priscilla's burial at Graceland and a role as a special advisor in managing Elvis' estate.

The legal dispute stemmed from Priscilla contesting Lisa Marie's will after her passing, questioning the validity of a 2016 amendment that removed Priscilla and a former business manager as trustees in favor of Lisa Marie's children, including Keough and her late brother, Benjamin Keough.

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