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Chicago PD Boss Hopes Hailey Upton Series Exit

Tracy Spiridakos leaves Chicago P.D. with open-ended finale, sparking hope and possibility for fans. Upton's future remains unknown.

In the latest episode of Chicago P.D., season 11, episode 13, Upton's departure left fans with a sense of hope and possibility. Showrunner Sigan wanted to convey the idea that the world is full of opportunities for Upton, who is finally in a headspace where she can see the endless possibilities that lie ahead.

After finding her boss, Sergeant Hank Voight, alive after a harrowing ordeal with a serial killer, Upton realized that she needed a change. She contemplated taking on new challenges, including potential job opportunities with the FBI, FEMA, and the DEA. As the episode came to a close, Upton drove off in a taxi towards Chicago O'Hare International Airport, leaving her destination unknown.

Sigan's intention was to leave Upton's story arc open-ended, allowing fans to imagine the various paths she could take in the future. The showrunner expressed her desire for characters like Upton to have the option to return to the One Chicago family someday, keeping the door open for future storylines.

Tracy Spiridakos, who portrayed Upton, emphasized the importance of the character finding happiness and discovering herself in the final moments of the episode. She noted that Upton's departure was unique compared to other character exits, as it allowed her to explore new opportunities and see what else the world had to offer.

When asked about her decision to leave the series after seven seasons, Spiridakos explained that it was a challenging choice but one she felt was necessary to explore new opportunities and switch things up in her career. Despite the difficulty of leaving behind her cast and crew, Spiridakos felt it was time to see what else was out there for her.

Overall, Upton's departure from Chicago P.D. left fans with a sense of optimism and excitement for what the future may hold for the character. The open-endedness of her story arc allows for endless possibilities and the potential for Upton to return to the show in the future.

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