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CNN data guru: Trump gains among Black voters could be deadly to Biden campaign

CNN data analyst warns Trump's growing support among Black voters could be disastrous for Biden's re-election campaign in 2024.

Data reporter Harry Enten from CNN recently discussed the significant increase in support for former President Trump among Black voters, which he described as a "huge alarm" for President Biden's re-election campaign. During an appearance on "CNN News Central," Enten pointed out that Trump's current double the Black vote compared to the 2020 election could be a troubling sign for the Democratic Party and potentially lead to Trump winning the upcoming presidential election.

Enten emphasized the alarming nature of the shift in Black voter support, stating that it should be ringing alarm bells for the Democratic side. He highlighted the polling averages that showed Trump's improvement from 10% to 21% of the Black vote, while Biden saw a decline from 81% to 70% support. This shift, according to Enten, could result in the best performance for a Republican presidential candidate among Black voters in over six decades.

The data guru pointed out that most of Trump's gains among Black voters have been from those under the age of 49. Analyzing data from various polls, including CNN, NBC News, ABC News, and Pew Research, it was revealed that Trump had 27% support from younger Black voters, while Biden had 64%. In contrast, Biden maintained strong support among Black voters over 50, with 85% backing him compared to Trump's 8%.

Enten stressed the importance of not viewing Black voters as a monolith, highlighting the age breakdown in support for the two candidates. He warned that if the increase in Black support for Trump continues without considering other voting shifts from 2020, it could lead to Trump securing 291 Electoral College votes in 2024. States like Arizona, Georgia, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin could potentially shift in favor of Trump based on this data.

Anchor Boris Sanchez acknowledged the significance of these numbers, describing them as a big opening for Republicans and a cause for concern for the Biden campaign. Enten echoed this sentiment, noting that these numbers could be detrimental to Biden's re-election efforts.

In conclusion, the data presented by Enten paints a concerning picture for the Biden campaign, indicating a notable shift in Black voter support towards Trump that could have significant implications for the upcoming presidential election.

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