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Marjorie Taylor Greene criticizes Fauci, saying he belongs in prison

Marjorie Taylor Greene attacks Dr. Fauci, claims he belongs in prison, sparking emotional response and backlash from colleagues. Viral controversy.

Marjorie Taylor Greene made bold accusations against Dr. Anthony Fauci during a heated congressional hearing, claiming he was 'not a doctor' and should be in prison. The Republican lawmaker criticized Fauci for his pandemic response and alleged involvement in COVID origins, accusing him of promoting 'repulsive, evil science' that led to children wearing masks in schools and even testing on puppies.

Greene went as far as showing photos of Fauci at a baseball game, sitting close to colleagues in violation of social distancing guidelines, questioning his credibility and suggesting he should have his medical license revoked. She called for him to be prosecuted for 'crimes against humanity,' sparking outrage among her colleagues.

Freshman Democrat Robert Garcia condemned Greene's attacks on Fauci as 'ridiculous,' describing the hearing as the most chaotic he had experienced during his time in Congress. Fauci, on the other hand, became emotional when discussing the death threats he and his family had received, emphasizing that taxpayer dollars were not used for risky research in China.

The House Select Subcommittee on the Coronavirus Pandemic has been investigating the origins of the deadly virus that claimed millions of lives worldwide. Fauci's testimony shed light on the personal toll his role in the White House Coronavirus Taskforce had taken on him and his family, revealing the disturbing nature of the threats they had faced.

The intense exchange between Greene and Fauci highlighted the ongoing debate surrounding the handling of the pandemic and the accountability of public health officials. Despite the contentious nature of the hearing, it underscored the importance of transparency and accountability in addressing the global health crisis.

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