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Giant Floating Venomous Joro Spiders Set to Invade Northeast This Summer

Giant Joro spiders set to invade the Northeast, using webbing to float and expanding across the east coast. No immediate threat.

This summer, get ready to meet the giant Joro spiders making their way to the Northeast. These large, venomous spiders can grow up to 3 inches and are known for their distinctive yellow and bright blue markings. First spotted in the US in 2013 in Georgia, they have been spreading across the east coast, with predictions that they will reach as far as Delaware and New Jersey this year.

One unique feature of the Joro spiders is their ability to float using a process called "ballooning," where they create little parachutes out of their webbing to glide on wind currents. They have also been known to hitch rides on cars and trucks, making them quite the adventurous travelers.

Native to Japan, these spiders likely arrived in the US as stowaways on cargo ships. With their fast metabolisms, they are expected to survive the cold temperatures of east coast winters, making them a permanent fixture in North America. While they prefer wooded areas, those living in rural settings or who enjoy hiking may come across these arachnids.

Despite their namesake from the mythical Japanese Jorōgumo, the spiders do not pose a real threat to humans. Their venomous fangs are too small to break human skin, and they primarily feed on mosquitoes, brown stink bugs, and other small insects. Unlike other invasive species, there is no guidance to kill the Joro spiders as they may actually benefit the ecosystem by controlling pest populations.

So, while these giant spiders may seem intimidating, they are not as dangerous as they appear. Keep an eye out for them this summer and remember that they are just another fascinating addition to the diverse wildlife of the US.

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