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Sandy Hook families reach agreement for Alex Jones' bankruptcy liquidation in Honolulu Star-Advertiser

Sandy Hook families claim victory as Alex Jones agrees to sell assets, including InfoWars, to pay legal judgments for lies.

Infowars founder Alex Jones faced a significant development in his bankruptcy case as the families of the Sandy Hook massacre victims accepted his proposal to sell his assets, including InfoWars, to partially pay the $1.5 billion in legal judgments against him for spreading lies about the 2012 school shooting.

Jones, who filed for bankruptcy protection 17 months ago, abandoned efforts to negotiate a reduced settlement with the families and opted for a court-supervised liquidation of his assets. This decision marks a turning point in the pursuit of justice for the victims' families, as Jones is held accountable for his harmful falsehoods.

Despite Jones' attempt to reach a settlement that would have paid the families $55 million, they rejected the offer and proposed the sale of his assets instead. The families' persistence in seeking justice has led to the acceptance of Jones' proposal to liquidate his assets, ensuring immediate financial relief for the families while keeping the door open for future claims against Jones.

While Jones may lose most of his assets in the liquidation process, he remains determined to continue broadcasting and fighting against the legal judgments that have been imposed on him. The upcoming court hearing will determine the fate of Jones' assets and the extent to which he will be held responsible for his actions.

The resolution of Jones' bankruptcy case represents a significant step towards accountability and justice for the victims of the Sandy Hook massacre, as they continue to seek restitution for the harm caused by his false claims. The families' unwavering dedication to holding Jones responsible serves as a powerful example of perseverance in the face of adversity.

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