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Elon Musk could ban Apple devices over OpenAI deal

Elon Musk threatens to ban Apple devices at his companies over security concerns with OpenAI and accuses Apple of betrayal.

Elon Musk, the CEO of Tesla, expressed strong disapproval of Apple's decision to integrate OpenAI into their operating system, calling it an "unacceptable security violation." Apple recently announced their generative AI system, Apple Intelligence, which includes the option for users to interact with the ChatGPT chatbot for knowledge-based queries.

Musk took to social media to voice his concerns, stating that if Apple proceeds with integrating OpenAI at the OS level, devices from his companies will ban Apple products due to security concerns. He even went as far as to suggest that visitors to his companies would have to store their Apple devices in a Faraday cage at the door.

The tech mogul criticized Apple for not developing their own AI technology and instead relying on OpenAI for user data security. Musk raised doubts about Apple's ability to ensure the protection of user data once it is handed over to OpenAI, accusing Apple of selling user privacy down the river.

Apple, in response to Musk's claims, clarified that user permission is required before any information is shared with OpenAI and that requests are not stored during the process. Musk's relationship with OpenAI has been tumultuous, as he was a founder of the company but has since criticized its shift towards profit-driven motives.

Furthermore, Musk has launched his own AI firm, xAI, and developed a chatbot named Grok to compete with ChatGPT, further solidifying his rivalry with OpenAI. The clash between Musk, Apple, and OpenAI highlights the complexities and controversies surrounding the integration of AI technology into everyday devices.

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