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iOS 18 brings long-awaited dialer update to iPhone

Apple's iOS 18 introduces T9 dialing, a feature long overdue for iPhone users. Swiftly dial contacts by typing their names.

Apple's recent WWDC announcements regarding iOS 18 have generated a lot of excitement, particularly with the introduction of T9 dialing to iPhones. For many users, this feature has been a long-awaited addition, as it streamlines the process of making calls by allowing users to simply type in the name of a contact using the number pad and have the phone suggest matching contacts.

The implementation of T9 dialing in iOS 18 marks a significant shift in Apple's approach to integrating AI into its core products. This move not only enhances the user experience but also brings the iPhone's dialer app up to par with its Android counterparts, which have long offered this feature.

With the ability to quickly and easily search for contacts by typing in their name, iPhone users can now enjoy a more efficient and seamless calling experience. This change is a testament to Apple's commitment to improving its products and adapting to the needs and expectations of its users.

While some may argue that the omission of T9 dialing in previous iOS versions was justified, the overwhelmingly positive response to its inclusion in iOS 18 suggests that this feature is a welcome addition. As we eagerly await the wider public rollout of iOS 18 later this year, it's clear that Apple is continuing to innovate and evolve its products to meet the demands of its users.

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