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Dexter Prequel Show Set to Resolve Longstanding Dexter & Harry Morgan Debate

Dexter's Prequel Casting Makes The Original Show's Funniest 7-Year Running Joke Even Better - uncovering the secrets behind Dexter's past.

Dexter's prequel series, "Original Sin," is set to delve into Dexter's past and explore his relationship with his adoptive father, Harry. This new series will offer a fresh perspective on the iconic character's origin story, with a new actor portraying Dexter for the first time. The prequel may finally answer the question of whether Harry or Dr. Vogel had a greater influence on Dexter's development into a vigilante serial killer.

After Michael C. Hall reprised his role as Dexter in "New Blood," the prequel series "Original Sin" went into development in February 2023. While it remains uncertain if Hall will appear onscreen in the prequel set in 1991, fifteen years before the original series, he is attached as an executive producer alongside showrunner Clyde Phillips. The series will follow a post-college Dexter as he embraces his "dark passenger" under the guidance of Harry, who created a code for Dexter to follow to satisfy his violent urges while avoiding detection.

Harry adopted Dexter after his mother's murder, taking him in and raising him alongside his biological daughter, Debra. Throughout the original series, flashbacks revealed Dexter's violent tendencies from childhood to adolescence, with Harry serving as a moral compass and confidant. The prequel will further explore the formation of Harry's code and the influence of Dr. Vogel, who may have played a significant role in shaping Dexter's worldview.

As the prequel series aims to expand on the lore of the original show, it will address the question of whether Harry or Vogel was more responsible for Dexter's development into a killer. By delving into the ethics of Harry and Vogel's code, "Original Sin" has the opportunity to explore what might have happened if Dexter had received different help for his trauma. With the potential for a younger Dr. Vogel to appear in the series, viewers can expect a deeper dive into Dexter's psychological profile and the origins of his "dark passenger."

"Dexter: Original Sin" promises to be more than just a portrayal of Dexter as a vigilante in training. The prequel series has the chance to shed light on the complex relationships and influences that shaped Dexter into the character fans know and love. By examining the roles of Harry and Vogel in Dexter's development, "Original Sin" has the potential to offer new insights into the character's journey and the moral dilemmas he faces.

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