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Portugal Turkey delay Cristiano Ronaldo superfans

Fans disrupt Portugal vs Turkey match to take selfies with Cristiano Ronaldo, causing chaos on the pitch. Ronaldo obliged one fan.

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During Portugal's recent match against Turkey in the Euro 2024 tournament, fans went to extreme lengths to capture a once-in-a-lifetime selfie with football legend Cristiano Ronaldo. In a daring move, a supporter managed to evade security and run onto the pitch to approach Ronaldo, who graciously posed for a photo in the centre circle. Although the incident was not captured on television, images and videos quickly spread on social media, showcasing the fan's bold stunt and Ronaldo's willingness to interact with his admirers.

As the game progressed, another fan attempted to follow suit and approach Ronaldo on the field, but this time the superstar did not find it amusing and the individual was swiftly apprehended. A third fan also tried to make their way onto the pitch, causing a pause in the game. This series of events comes shortly after fans disrupted a Portugal training session to take selfies with Ronaldo, highlighting the intense admiration and excitement surrounding the football icon.

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