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Kieran Tierney opens up about his future at Arsenal amidst transfer talks
  • 24th Jul 2023

Kieran Tierney opens up about his future at Arsenal amidst transfer talks

Kieran Tierney is happy at Arsenal despite being linked with an exit, and acknowledges that his future is not entirely in his hands. He had a reduced role last season but remains committed to the club and is not in a rush to leave. Tierney understands that at a big club, playing every game is not guaranteed and is focused on doing his best whenever he gets the opportunity. He has not discussed his situation with manager Mikel Arteta and remains under contract until 2026.

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You'll discover stories about match results and league standings, for starters. Whether Celtic FC trounced their arch-rivals or experienced a rare defeat, these updates always get fans talking. It's kinda like being on an emotional roller-coaster, isn't it?

Beyond matches though, did you know that team changes are also a hotbed of discussion? Things like player transfers and management reshuffles – they all make ripples through our beloved football community like shaking up a hornet’s nest. Who doesn’t enjoy speculating on who will be selected next season or whether any new talent is going to flood our green fields?

Speaking about talent, another sweet flavor in your Celtic F.C digest could be progress reports from youth academies and training sessions - it’s not just veteran players stealing the limelight! Ever wondered how these future stars train everyday? Or perhaps notable moments from their journey that would have us standing at attention as if we're eagerly waiting for Santa Claus each Christmas Eve?

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