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Rep. Harriet Hageman: Supreme Court Chevron Ruling Big Win America, What's Next?

Supreme Court ends Chevron Doctrine, restoring balance of power and protecting constitutional freedoms from federal agency overreach.

For decades, the Chevron Doctrine has granted federal agencies excessive power and authority in interpreting statutes and creating rules, leading to an unfair advantage over the American people. However, the Supreme Court recently corrected this imbalance, signaling a shift towards a more just legal system.

The Chevron deference, established in the 1984 case Chevron v. NRDC, has allowed federal agencies to interpret laws based on their own discretion, often leading to biased outcomes that favor bureaucratic agendas over the rights of citizens. As a seasoned Constitutional law and water rights attorney, I have witnessed firsthand the detrimental effects of this doctrine on our legal system.

Over the years, I have fought against Chevron deference both in my private practice and as Senior Litigation Counsel for the New Civil Liberties Alliance (NCLA), a legal organization dedicated to safeguarding the constitutional rights of Americans against governmental overreach.

By ending Chevron deference, the Supreme Court has taken a significant step towards restoring the balance of power between the branches of government and protecting the rights of American citizens. This decision will help curb the excessive authority wielded by federal agencies and ensure that our courts uphold the true intent of the law.

Despite concerns from proponents of expansive government power, the end of Chevron deference marks a return to a more traditional system of governance where Congress passes laws, agencies enforce them, and courts interpret them. This shift away from bureaucratic overreach is crucial in preserving the principles of our Constitutional Republic and ensuring accountability in our legal system.

Congresswoman Harriet Hageman, a member of the U.S. House of Representatives, has been a vocal advocate for ending Chevron deference and restoring the balance of power in our government. Through her work on the House Committee on the Judiciary and other committees, she continues to champion the cause of protecting the rights of American citizens against governmental overreach.

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