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Jill Biden similar to 1990s Hillary Clinton: Axios Reporter

Biden campaign faces crisis after debate performance, but Jill Biden's influence and support may help him recover and continue.

In a recent interview, Axios national political correspondent Alex Thompson provided valuable insight into President Biden's debate performance and the influence of Dr. Jill Biden on the president. Thompson highlighted Jill Biden's active role in the campaign, noting her public praise of the president at rallies and her introduction of him at a North Carolina event. He emphasized that Jill Biden's current involvement in the campaign reflects a shift from her previous discomfort with being a political spouse, likening her to 1990s Hillary Clinton rather than her previous self.

Thompson also discussed the internal dynamics within the Democratic party following Biden's debate performance. He mentioned internal finger-pointing directed at both Biden and the debate prep team, with some feeling that Biden was overprepared with statistics and minutiae. Despite the negative feedback, Thompson emphasized that the Biden campaign is determined to move forward and rebuild after the debate setback.

Regarding Biden's future in the campaign, Thompson highlighted the importance of Jill Biden's support and enthusiasm for her husband's candidacy. He noted that Joe Biden likely would not have run in 2020 without Jill Biden's encouragement. Thompson also mentioned the upcoming fundraisers in the Hamptons, where skeptical donors are expected to closely evaluate Biden's performance and potentially voice their concerns to the media.

Overall, Thompson's insights shed light on the challenges facing the Biden campaign post-debate and the crucial role of Jill Biden in supporting her husband's candidacy. The campaign's ability to navigate these challenges and regain momentum will be closely watched in the coming weeks.

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