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Nicole Kidman Zac Efron Rom-Com Movie 'A Family Affair'

"A Family Affair" tries to replicate "The Idea of You" but falls short. Kidman and Efron lack chemistry in this cliched rom-com.

The entertainment industry has been buzzing with the trend of older women dating younger men, with recent films like "The Idea of You" and "A Family Affair" exploring this concept. The latter could almost be dubbed as "The Idea of My Movie-Star Boss Sleeping With My Mom," starring Nicole Kidman and Zac Efron. While the pairing of Kidman and Efron may pique interest, the predictable storyline of this romantic comedy fails to ignite the expected sparks.

The film primarily focuses on Zara (played by Joey King), the daughter of Kidman's character, who works as an assistant to Efron's character, Chris Cole, a famous actor known for his role as a superhero. Zara is frustrated by Chris's demanding behavior, which often involves trivial tasks like fetching isolated whey protein. The dynamic between Zara and Chris is strained, with both threatening to walk away from their working relationship.

A series of events leads to Chris and Brooke (Kidman) ending up in bed together, much to Zara's dismay. As Brooke starts to develop feelings for Chris, Zara struggles to come to terms with the age gap between her mother and the actor. Directed by Richard Lagravenese, "A Family Affair" struggles to convince audiences of the authenticity of the romance, despite attempts to humanize Chris through interactions with Zara's grandmother.

While the film has its moments of humor and charm, the overall execution falls short of expectations. The lack of chemistry between Kidman and Efron hinders the film's ability to deliver a compelling love story. Despite the star power of the leads, "A Family Affair" relies heavily on cliches and musical montages to fill its runtime, ultimately failing to leave a lasting impression on viewers.

Although the film may attract viewers based on the star appeal of Kidman and Efron, it ultimately falls flat in delivering a captivating romantic comedy. The concept of the film may seem promising, but the execution fails to live up to expectations, highlighting the importance of chemistry and authenticity in storytelling.

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