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Michelle Obama Presidential Poll Win: Why She Won't Replace Biden

Michelle Obama's potential presidential run gains traction despite her denials. Calls for Biden to drop out grow after debate performance.

A recent poll revealed that many voters are open to the idea of former First Lady Michelle Obama running for president, despite her repeated denials of any interest in the position. This comes as analysts and a growing number of Democrats are urging President Joe Biden to consider stepping down from the race following his lackluster debate performance last week.

While Obama has consistently maintained that she has no intention of running for president, some bettors are not convinced. Betting platform Polymarket has given her a 6% chance of being the 2024 Democratic nominee, surpassing figures like California Gov. Gavin Newsom at 5%.

Throughout his presidency, Biden has faced scrutiny over his age, with critics, including former President Trump, questioning his mental acuity and physical capabilities. These concerns were amplified after Biden's performance in a recent CNN debate, where he appeared to struggle to articulate his points clearly and coherently. Despite admitting that he may not debate as well as he used to, Biden has vowed to continue his campaign, even as calls for him to step down grow among Democratic pundits and lawmakers.

Recent polls have shown that Vice President Kamala Harris would fare better against Trump in a potential rematch, trailing him by only two points compared to Biden's six-point deficit. However, Harris's own approval ratings are also a cause for concern, standing at a low 37.5%, just slightly higher than Biden's 37.2%.

As the 2024 presidential race continues to unfold, the dynamics within the Democratic Party are shifting, with potential candidates like Michelle Obama and Kamala Harris garnering attention and speculation. The pressure on President Biden to consider stepping down only adds to the uncertainty surrounding the upcoming election.

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