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State police union demands justice for Karen Read mistrial and condemns Proctor texts

Police union condemns Trooper Proctor's text messages about Karen Read, charged with killing her boyfriend. Mistrial declared in Read's case.

After Trooper Michael Proctor, the lead investigator in the Karen Read case, was relieved of duty by the Massachusetts State Police, a police union official expressed disapproval of Proctor's text messages about Read.

Karen Read, a 44-year-old from Mansfield, was charged with the murder of her Boston police officer boyfriend, John O'Keefe, 46, who was allegedly struck by her car after a night of drinking in January 2022.

The State Police Association of Massachusetts conveyed their hope for justice to be served for O'Keefe's family and emphasized the importance of closure. Brian Williams, the association president, highlighted the impact of the trial on the legal process and the challenges of distinguishing between fact and speculation.

The statement also addressed the recent disciplinary action against Trooper Michael Proctor, who admitted to sending degrading text messages about Read during the trial. The association clarified that while they do not support the language used in the messages, it is unrelated to the defense's allegations of cover-ups or collusion.

Following five days of jury deliberations, a mistrial was declared in Read's case when the jurors could not reach a verdict. Governor Maura Healey expressed support for the decision to relieve Proctor of duty, emphasizing zero tolerance for such behavior in law enforcement and public service.

In conclusion, the case of Karen Read has brought to light the complexities of the legal system and the importance of upholding professional conduct in law enforcement. The actions taken by the State Police and the statements made by officials reflect a commitment to justice and accountability in the face of challenging circumstances.

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