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Mother says Lucy Letby was 'faffing' when baby covered in blood
  • 18th Aug 2023

Mother says Lucy Letby was 'faffing' when baby covered in blood

Nurse Lucy Letby was accused of "faffing" while a baby she murdered was covered in blood, according to the baby's mother. Letby was convicted of murdering seven babies and attempting to murder six more. The parents of one of the babies said they trusted Letby completely.

What news can we find under Jury News Section?

If you ever stop by the charm of law and order or simply find hidden interest in court dramas, then the concept of a Jury isn't alienating to you. But what could we actually discover under the news category titled 'Jury'? Let me let you into this legal Pandora's box.

The first thing that might light up when diving through this channel are those high-profile case updates, which were swinging back and forth in courts. Stories about someone convicted guilty or pronounced innocent by jury trials will make their ways to headlines undoubtedly! The drama surely doesn't disappoint!

Jury Selection - A Kingpin To Focus?

You think it ends there? Well sit tight my friend because I assure you, it has just begun! Here's a twist, have they ever told you about how these 12 men of veracity are picked for deciding someone's fate? News articles that explore how people from different walks of life come together to form a fair jury is itself an interesting read – Trust me on that!

Juror Testimonies - Do They Matter?

Now keen on hearing something more mystifying? Brace yourself as juror confessions swoop right in. Post-verdict descriptions provided by jurors themselves certainly add new dimensions to such reports.

Remember our chat at café last week where we wondered what goes inside their heads during decisions making process? Here’s your answer. So next time while binge-watching your courtroom thriller series with popcorn sprinkling around, picture all these vivid stories–from choosing juries till juror revelations post-veto- canvasing real life events behind courtroom doors.

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