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Neil Gaiman denies sexual assault allegations women

Author Neil Gaiman denies sexual assault allegations made by two women, claiming relationships were consensual. Allegations discussed on Tortoise podcast.

Renowned author Neil Gaiman, known for his works like The Sandman, Good Omens, and American Gods, has vehemently denied allegations of sexual assault made by two women he had relationships with. The allegations surfaced in Tortoise Media's podcast series, Master: the Allegations Against Neil Gaiman.

One of the accusers, Scarlett, claimed that Gaiman assaulted her in 2022 during their first meeting at his home in New Zealand. While Gaiman described their interactions as consensual, Scarlett alleged instances of non-consensual and degrading sexual acts, including the use of a belt which led to her losing consciousness. The pain she experienced was described as "celestial" by Scarlett.

The second woman, identified as K, alleged that she was subjected to rough and painful sex during her relationship with Gaiman, starting when she was 20 and he was in his forties. Despite objections, K claimed that Gaiman penetrated her during a urinary tract infection, causing intense pain. Gaiman refuted these claims and expressed his disturbance at the accusations.

Both women's allegations were brought to light in the podcast series, with Scarlett filing a complaint to New Zealand police in 2022. Gaiman stated that he offered to assist in the investigation but was not pursued by the authorities, indicating a lack of substance in the complaint. However, New Zealand police clarified that efforts to speak to key individuals involved in the case were ongoing.

Representatives for Gaiman have not responded to requests for comment from Rolling Stone. The allegations have sparked controversy and raised questions about the nature of the relationships between Gaiman and the accusers. The situation remains complex and unresolved as investigations continue.

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