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Gavin Newsom mocks GOP: How sad is the Republican Party when Taylor Swift is a threat?

"Michael Cohen warns of World War III if Trump is reelected in 2024, says ex-lawyer. Trump is a cult leader."

Michael Cohen, the former lawyer of Donald Trump, recently spoke to Amelia Adams for the Australian version of "60 Minutes." During the interview, Cohen expressed his concern about the possibility of another Trump presidency and the danger it poses to the world. He explained that the U.S. Constitution does not forbid someone from serving as president from jail, which means that Trump could potentially be in the White House while serving time in a federal correctional institution.

Cohen described Trump as a cult leader and expressed his belief that Trump wants to make himself into a king. He compared Trump's hold over his supporters to that of a cult, and he wasn't the only one to make such a comparison. Former FBI Director James Comey described Trump as a crime boss, and Steven Hassan, the author of "The Cult of Trump," also saw similarities between Trump and a cult leader.

Cohen expressed his fear that if Trump were to be reelected in 2024, it would lead to chaos in the world. He predicted that China would invade Taiwan, wars would break out, and warlords would seize power. He even went as far as to say that Trump has no problem with creating World War III if it's in his name.

Overall, Cohen's interview with Amelia Adams shed light on his concerns about the potential consequences of another Trump presidency, and he urged Americans to consider the implications of supporting a leader with such divisive and dangerous rhetoric. He believes that Trump's continued influence could have catastrophic effects on both the United States and the world at large.

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