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Disney+ News & Breaking Stories

Disney talks on ABC sale heat up as Byron Allen makes offer
  • 16th Sep 2023

Disney talks on ABC sale heat up as Byron Allen makes offer

Disney has received an offer of $10bn from media mogul Byron Allen for its ABC TV network, local stations, and cable channels, as the company seeks to focus on streaming. Allen's offer is preliminary and could change, but is based on the assumption that the assets generated $1.25bn in earnings over the past year. Disney has also held talks with Nexstar Media Group about ABC and its eight local TV stations. No decision has been made about a sale, but the negotiations could help establish the value of television assets.

Where to Find Pixar's Pizza Planet Truck in Elemental
  • 14th Sep 2023

Where to Find Pixar's Pizza Planet Truck in Elemental

Pixar's iconic Pizza Planet truck Easter egg continues in Elemental, appearing in two different scenes with design changes to match the film's world. This confirms the enduring tradition that fans love and anticipate in every new release.

Disney Charter Agreement Ends ESPN ABC Blackout
  • 12th Sep 2023

Disney Charter Agreement Ends ESPN ABC Blackout

Charter Communications will include Disney+ in its Spectrum TV Select offering, and ESPN+ in its Spectrum TV Plus package. The deal aims to combine traditional TV and online viewing in a mutually beneficial way. Charter's 14.7 million customers will regain access to popular Disney channels, and Disney will receive increased fees for its channels. Customers will receive more value for their money, and Charter will market Disney streaming services to its broadband-only customers.

Miley Cyrus Reflects on 'Wild' Past in Latest Song 'Used to Be Young
  • 25th Aug 2023

Miley Cyrus Reflects on 'Wild' Past in Latest Song 'Used to Be Young

Former Disney starlet Miley Cyrus reflects on her wild teen years and early 20s in her new song "Used to Be Young," released on the 10th anniversary of her controversial career moments. Cyrus sings about her wild past and the realization that open bars lead to broken hearts. The song is part of her "Endless Summer Vacation" album, which she has been working on for the past 18 months. Cyrus has also been promoting her latest album with concert specials and is preparing for the 10th anniversary of her "Bangerz" album in October.

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Exploring the Magical World of Disney+

Ever wondered what underpins the magical splendor of "Disney+"? You're not alone! Spilling over with nostalgia and enchantment, we explore content around this consumer favorite streaming platform.

You know how when you walk into a candy shop as a kid, your eyes become as wide as saucers? Discussing Disney+ is like that. First off, did you stop to imagine classic Disney movies at your fingertips where fairies dance and heroes conquer villains? That’s there! From mesmerizing classics like "Cinderella" to modern animated films buffed up by Pixar's prowess such as “Wall-E,” endless realms await eager fans!

Moreover, do remember nights spent clustered around TVs for Marvel fixations or Star Wars marathons? Your fascination can now indulge in one place - Disney+. The platform parades entire sequels of these universes.

Couple those movie treats with binge-worthy shows from our cherished television vaults. Can you sense yourself getting sucked back into gravity-defying adventures in "DuckTales"? Or perhaps unearthing secrets alongside Scrooge McDuck rings your bell?

Beyond gratifying fan whims, isn't it splendid how "Disney+" also serves fresh dishes on its table? Exclusives include majestic iterations of unforgettable tales like the heart-tugging story of Lady and the Tramp. And then there are innovative series including "The Mandalorian," fast becoming modern classics ingrained deep within contemporary culture fabric.

Intrigued to taste this feast yet comfortable from home but radiating all pixie-dusted wizardry delivered expertly by 'Disney+'? Check it out - their offerings will take you on an animated journey just waiting behind that iconic castle logo… Ready to let magic unfold?

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