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Colorado, Duke, and Florida State Make Major Moves in AP Top 25 Rankings
  • 5th Sep 2023

Colorado, Duke, and Florida State Make Major Moves in AP Top 25 Rankings

No. 21 Duke and No. 22 Colorado moved into the Associated Press Top 25 college football poll Tuesday after scoring the biggest upsets of the opening weekend of the season, and No. 4 Florida State jumped into the top five after its resounding victory over LSU in Week 1's marquee game.

  • 5th Sep 2023

"Graduate students from Duke University triumph in union election with a decisive victory"

Graduate students at Duke University have won their election to unionize, forming the largest graduate student union at a private university in the South. The final vote count was 1,000 votes for the union and 131 against, with supporters receiving 88%. The university has seven days to challenge the results before they are certified. The Duke Graduate Student Union hopes to negotiate contracts with the university, focusing on issues such as equitable pay, improved benefits, and support for international students.

2023 UConn football season preview
  • 1st Sep 2023

2023 UConn football season preview

UConn's football team experienced a drastic turnaround under new head coach Jim Mora, going 6-6 in the regular season. Offensive lineman Christian Haynes and seniors Jackson Mitchell and Eric Watts were key contributors. The team aims to build on last season's success.

What news can we find under Duke University News Section?

Unfolding the Story of Duke University: News Worth Reading

Imagine we're on a virtual tour, piecing together news snippets from around the globe. We land at Duke University, nestled in Durham's heart and flanked by sapphire blue skies. So, what headlines might you encounter under this topic?

Duke is widely recognized for its stellar contributions to academia—a fact often highlighted in news stories. You will likely come across articles relating to their riveting research breakthroughs. These can span diverse disciplines like medical sciences, environmental studies or even artificial intelligence.

Surely we've heard about collegiate sports? If not, buckle up because another genre unique to Inside-Duke-newsroom is their vibrant athletic highlights. Supercharged games between arch-rivals UNC Chapel Hill & Blue Devils basketball team never pass unnoticed!

Beyond known territories of academics and sports lurks yet another fascinating realm—'Institutional Changes'. Be it appointments of new deans or changes implemented during pandemic times—they all contribute to Duke's resounding presence in global education forums.

We'd be remiss not forget that news about notable alumni also grace this section frequently—from newly published authors, influential politicians or successful entrepreneurs—who knows who you might bump into here! Isn't it amazing how these individuals reflect the prestigious institution that helped shape them?

Encapsulating Duke's gritty determination amidst adversity as such - "As invincible as a hibernating bear waking after winter." The canvas painted by these sections encapsulates every flicker reflecting vitality within this revered institution. Curious yet? Dive headfirst into discovering more about this dynamic entity known as Duke University through regular updates- much more beckons beyond knowledge-laden walls!.

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