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Consider Buying The Drop In Tesla Stock Post Q3 Earnings
  • 19th Oct 2023

Consider Buying The Drop In Tesla Stock Post Q3 Earnings

Tesla's stock drops after disappointing Q3 earnings, but temporary factors are impacting its bottom line. However, its dominant position and competitive advantages could lead to higher stock prices in the future.

Why Uber Stock Declined Today
  • 1st Aug 2023

Why Uber Stock Declined Today

Uber's shares fell 5.2% after concerns about slowing growth overshadowed the company's first-ever quarterly operating profit.

What news can we find under Earnings per share News Section?

Earnings Per Share: Get The Key To Profitability

Ever wondered about the financial health of your favorite company? You don't have to be a Wall Street expert to know. It's as simple as understanding "Earnings per share" (EPS).

"What exactly is earnings per share?", you might ask. Well, imagine if the total profits of a company were divided evenly among its shareholders, how much would each person get? That's your EPS! A higher EPS often indicates greater profitability.. neat stuff!

Leveraging News for Earnings Per Share Details

You're probably thinking "Where can I find this kind of news content?" . Financial news platforms are generally overflowing with details on current and forecasted EPS figures for various companies.

Broadly speaking, there are three types of information related to EPS that you'll commonly come across in financial news:

  • Quarterly and annual reports: Companies release these updates every 3 months or annually. They generally report their net income and number of shares outstanding (which is used to calculate EPS), among other things.
  • Analyst projections: These are predictions from industry experts about future earnings outcomes, including projected future EPS figures.
  • Firm announcements:: Stock markets respond swiftly to firm announcements which shape future profits - mergers and acquisitions, layoffs, scandals etc. All these factors influence expectations about firms' earnings potential hence impacting anticipated EPs.
  • Taking it Home

    Ultimately though – just like piecing together pieces from a giant jigsaw puzzle – one has got to surmise what best fits into the broader macroeconomic picture when interpreting 'Earnings per Share' trends via ongoing corporate events reported in the media.

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