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PM Modi SA BRICS Chandrayaan 3 descent
  • 23rd Aug 2023

PM Modi SA BRICS Chandrayaan 3 descent

Prime Minister Narendra Modi is expected to virtually join the landing of Chandrayaan 3 from South Africa, creating excitement and anticipation.

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Hello there! Ever peered up at the infiniteness of space and thought, "so what exactly are humans doing out there right now?" Well, let me escort you on a captivating journey into the cosmos through one of Asia's top space agencies - India’s own Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO).

The ISRO is like India’s version of NASA. Now isn't that something? They're consistently working towards astronomical breakthroughs which we get to read under their topic. Oh boy- it can range from sending satellites to orbit, all the way to manned moon missions.

You know, just recently I came across some exhilarating tidbits about their Gaganyaan Mission. Heard about it yet? No? Rhetorically speaking — how neat would it be if we could send Indian astronauts or ‘Gaganauts’ as they're wonderfully being called into space by 2022?

Think about this too – not many people appreciate just how much work goes into putting even a small thing like a satellite in orbit. But ISRO does that too! They've been launching satellites aimed at better navigation systems for India and getting sharper imagery for military use. Plus did you hear about ISRO’s interplanetary expeditions? Who else besides them has managed to reach Mars on its very first shot??'

Note:This doesn’t even scratch the surface. The news content regarding ISRO is endlessly mind-blowing... with every new launch lighting up our lives with hope & courage.

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