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Jim Jordan (American politician) News & Breaking Stories

New Speaker of the House Mike Johnson
  • 8th Mar 2024

New Speaker of the House Mike Johnson

Former deputy whip Mr Johnson won 220 votes after House Republicans backed him, becoming Speaker after Emmer dropped out. Viral news.

Calls to empower Patrick McHenry as Republicans again fail to select Speaker
  • 18th Oct 2023

Calls to empower Patrick McHenry as Republicans again fail to select Speaker

Growing opposition to Rep. Jim Jordan's bid for Speaker of the House has sparked calls to empower Rep. Patrick McHenry with new powers to get the House operational again. McHenry, who currently oversees the chamber as Speaker Pro Tempore, would be faced with challenges such as government spending fights and ongoing cryptocurrency efforts. The idea has gained support from prominent conservative figures, including three former GOP House speakers, and Democrats have also expressed support for expanding McHenry's authorities. However, the proposal faces challenges from Jordan and his allies, and the extent and duration of McHenry's powers are still up for debate.

Republicans Nominate Steve Scalise for House Speaker but Struggle to Quickly Unite and Elect Him
  • 12th Oct 2023

Republicans Nominate Steve Scalise for House Speaker but Struggle to Quickly Unite and Elect Him

House Republicans have nominated Rep. Steve Scalise to be the next House speaker, but deep divisions within the party have delayed the election process. Scalise narrowly beat Rep. Jim Jordan in a private ballot, but it remains uncertain whether lawmakers who supported Jordan will back Scalise in a full House vote. The GOP majority is divided, and Democrats are expected to oppose the Republican nominee.

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Jim Jordan: An American Political Powerhouse

If you've been keeping an eye on the political sphere or, simply scrolling through news feeds lately, it's likely you've stumbled upon mention of Jim Jordan. So who is this figure making waves across headlines? A controversial, yet influential character in politics?

Jim Jordan,, born James Daniel Jordan, cemented his place as a force to reckon within the United States' political circles following his induction as U.S. Representative for Ohio's 4th congressional district. Want another fun fact? Despite initially being known for wrestling at high school and college level - yes that's indeed correct! From wrestling mats to Capitol Hill!

Jordan is not only known for his sharp critiques but also plays a pivotal role in the Republican party. Wondering about his stance on current societal issues? His conservative views are often found fueling debate over hot topics such as abortion rights, gun laws and healthcare reforms. Flick open any recent piece starring Jim Jordan and expect find words filled with tension around topics like Trump impeachment trials where he executed key defense roles. Remember when things got heated during Michael Cohen’s testimony before Congress back in 2019? Hint: our wrestler turned politician was right at the heart of it all! What about more contemporary issues I hear you ask? Well dear reader, Ukraine gate scandal makes quite frequent appearances next to Mr.Jordan’s name too. Illustrating his career merely by these controversies would be akin comparing an ocean based solely on its surface storms- there’s far more beneath! The congressman has actively voiced opinions regarding immigration reform and continues advocating fiscal responsibility along with reduced federal spending_ In ending this brief intro into 'The world according to Jim', remember just how multifaceted each individual can be – from national championships won courtesy gym clothes & wrestling shoes shifting towards debating suits gracing capitol corridors...Truly Breathtaking isn’t it?

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