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Marjorie Taylor Greene Delays Vote on Ousting House Speaker Mike Johnson

Greene delays ouster motion against Johnson, gaining attention but failing to gather Republican support, while Democrats back Johnson.

Representative Greene has been threatening to oust Representative Johnson for weeks now. During a recent press conference, she was asked why she wanted to wait another week before taking action. Greene explained that everyone needed time to prepare for the potential vote, emphasizing the importance of being responsible and measured in her approach.

Despite Greene's initial threats, it has become increasingly clear that her motion to remove Johnson will likely fail. Few Republicans are supporting Greene, and Democrats are more than willing to support Johnson. The extended delay in taking action has actually brought more attention to Greene, with reporters following her every move across the Capitol grounds.

Greene justified her hesitation by stating that she wanted to give ample warning and time for consideration before moving forward with the vote. She acknowledged that the motion would likely fail but believed it was important to force the vote so that voters could see where Democrats stood.

In response to Greene's actions, Johnson issued a strong statement condemning the motion as harmful to the Republican conference, the institution, and the country. He emphasized the need for cooperation with Democrats to avoid gridlock and achieve legislative victories.

Despite Greene's efforts, her Republican colleagues have shown little support for her stance against Johnson. Only two lawmakers have publicly backed her, and there is a lack of consensus within the party on how to proceed. The recent bipartisan legislation that Greene opposes, including the spying authority known as Section 702 and the Ukraine bill, received overwhelming support from both parties in the House.

Ultimately, Greene's actions have highlighted the divisions within the Republican Party and the challenges they face in finding unity and leadership. As the situation continues to unfold, it remains unclear how Republicans will navigate these internal tensions and move forward as a cohesive political force.

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