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Canadian soccer teams, MLS, join
  • 26th Nov 2023

Canadian soccer teams, MLS, join

Canadian soccer clubs have been playing in the American MLS league, but the country now has its own pro league.

Sikh group threatens Indian consulate shutdown in Canada over Hardeep Singh Nijjar alleged murder
  • 19th Sep 2023

Sikh group threatens Indian consulate shutdown in Canada over Hardeep Singh Nijjar alleged murder

Protests are planned outside Indian consulates in Canada after the murder of a Sikh leader in the country. Sikhs for Justice, an organization known for organizing referendum votes on Khalistan, is seeking the expulsion of the Indian High Commissioner to Canada and urging the Canadian government to label India a state sponsor of terror. The Indian government has strongly denied any involvement in the murder and has called on the Canadian government to take action against anti-India elements operating from their soil. The murder is currently being investigated by the RCMP.

Long Lines for Evacuation Flights: Yellowknife Sees Surge in Demand
  • 17th Aug 2023

Long Lines for Evacuation Flights: Yellowknife Sees Surge in Demand

Hundreds of people are lining up at Sir John Franklin High School in Yellowknife, waiting for an airlift out of the wildfire-threatened city. Air Canada has added two extra flights out of Yellowknife and has put a cap on fares for non-stop flights out of the city. Pets will be allowed on commercial carriers, but must be crated.

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