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"Breaking Bad Legend Reacts: Bob Iger's Controversial Remarks Spark Uproar Amid 'The Little Mermaid' Digital Release"

Disney CEO Bob Iger faces backlash, Disney sued over annual pass program, and controversy over The Little Mermaid's appearance.

In a recent turn of events, Bob Iger, the CEO of Disney, finds himself facing backlash from none other than a legendary figure from Breaking Bad. It was evident that Iger's comments about the SAG-AFTRA strike would create ripples in the entertainment industry, and now he has officially found himself on the wrong side of this Breaking Bad icon's opinion.

On a related note, the digital release of The Little Mermaid has sparked widespread criticism regarding one particular aspect of Ariel's modern appearance. While Halle Bailey is undoubtedly wonderful, many believe that Disney should have embraced its inner 90s kid to maintain the authenticity of the beloved character.

As expected, Disney, being such a massive company, is not immune to lawsuits. The ongoing class-action lawsuit involving the Magic Key annual pass program at Disneyland has now entered its next phase. Jenale Nielsen from Santa Clara County filed a $5 million lawsuit against Disney in 2021. She had purchased the Dream Key annual pass, the highest tier at the time, only to discover that it had blackout dates in November, despite being advertised as having none. This lawsuit was filed shortly after Disney introduced its new Magic Key program, replacing the annual pass program. Nielsen accuses Disney of deceiving its guests. The details of the settlement are yet to be disclosed, but it could potentially lead to payouts for other Magic Key holders or even a revision of the program. However, according to theme park blog Mice Chat, it is unlikely that individuals will receive substantial payouts.

Today, The Little Mermaid is available for video-on-demand (VOD) streaming, allowing those who have not yet seen the movie to finally experience Ariel's world. The VOD release also offers a treasure trove of behind-the-scenes footage, including intriguing concept art that inspired Ariel's final appearance. However, this sneak peek inadvertently opened Pandora's box when fans noticed that Ariel was originally intended to have a side part and a deeper shade of red hair. A devoted Ariel fan even went so far as to claim that the film could have reached the billion-dollar mark at the box office if only Ariel had sported the correct hairstyle. It seems that the wrong choice of hairstylist stood between The Little Mermaid and the prestigious box office Hall of Fame.

Bryan Cranston, known for his iconic role in Breaking Bad, has emerged as a voice for actors. During a passionate speech at a SAG-AFTRA rally in Times Square, Cranston directed his frustration towards Disney's CEO. His words resonated with the crowd, evoking cheers, whistles, and even a few boos. Cranston conveyed a message to Mr. Iger, expressing that while they may not expect him to fully comprehend their experiences, they implore him to listen and understand that they will not allow their jobs to be replaced by robots. Cranston's comments come in response to Iger's recent interview, in which he deemed the demands of the SAG-AFTRA union unrealistic and "disruptive." Iger's annual salary of $27 million juxtaposed with the meager earnings of some union members, who barely scrape by above the poverty line, has painted him as the antagonist in this story. It is a narrative that Iger himself has inadvertently crafted.

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