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Super Mario Bros. Movie Makes Streaming Debut

"Watch the highest-grossing movie of 2023, The Super Mario Bros. Movie, now available on Peacock. Starring Chris Pratt and Charlie Day."

Nintendo fans rejoice! The highly anticipated Super Mario Bros. Movie is now available for streaming on Peacock, allowing you to enjoy the film from the comfort of your own couch without having to disconnect your Switch from its dock. This animated masterpiece, which has already proven to be a box office sensation, is a must-watch for all Mario enthusiasts.

The film follows the adventures of Chris Pratt as Mario and Charlie Day as Luigi, two lovable Italian plumbers navigating the whimsical streets of Brooklyn. Their lives take an unexpected turn when they stumble upon a mysterious plumbing issue that transports them through a pipe into the enchanting Mushroom Kingdom. There, they join forces with the iconic Princess Peach, portrayed by the talented Anya Taylor-Joy, to combat the nefarious Bowser, played brilliantly by Jack Black, who steals the show with his captivating performance.

What sets this film apart from its 1990s live-action predecessor is its stunning 3D animation and vibrant colors, bringing the beloved Nintendo characters to life in a way that stays true to their video game origins. Gone are the days of the lackluster adaptation that bore little resemblance to the side-scrolling adventures we all know and love. The Super Mario Bros. Movie immerses viewers in a visually captivating world that captures the essence of the beloved franchise.

In addition to its critical acclaim, this film has shattered box office records, surpassing $1.3 billion in global revenue and solidifying its position as the highest-grossing picture of 2023 thus far. Even amidst a competitive summer blockbuster season, no other film has come close to achieving such astounding success. With Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 and Barbie trailing behind with $845 million and $811 million respectively, it is clear that Mario and his friends have captured the hearts of audiences worldwide.

As we eagerly await news of a sequel, the future of the Super Mario Bros. Movie franchise remains uncertain, especially with ongoing Hollywood strikes causing delays. However, given the overwhelming popularity and financial triumph of this first installment, a follow-up seems inevitable. While we anticipate the official announcement, we can relish in the joy of watching The Super Mario Bros. Movie on repeat through the convenience of Peacock. So grab your popcorn, settle into your favorite spot on the couch, and immerse yourself in the magic of the Mushroom Kingdom. Let the adventure begin!

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