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Doc clears Mitch McConnell after scary freeze moment

Senator Mitch McConnell experienced a freeze moment during an event in Kentucky, but his physician cleared him to continue his schedule. Concerns about his age and health arise.

Senator Mitch McConnell recently experienced another concerning episode while taking questions at an event in Covington, Kentucky. To address this, McConnell consulted with Dr. Brian P. Monahan, the attending physician of the Capitol, who also spoke with McConnell's neurology team. While Monahan did not personally examine McConnell, he did inform the Senate Minority Leader that he is medically cleared to continue with his schedule.

McConnell's office released a statement from Dr. Monahan the following day, stating that McConnell is medically cleared to proceed with his planned activities. Monahan attributed the incident to occasional lightheadedness, which is not uncommon during concussion recovery or as a result of dehydration. McConnell's office had initially suggested lightheadedness as the cause shortly after the episode occurred.

During the incident in Covington, McConnell appeared to freeze for approximately thirty seconds while responding to reporters' questions. An aide attempted to smooth over the situation by standing next to him and repeating the questions, as if he had difficulty hearing. However, it is unlikely that his hearing is related to his condition. The episodes of mental acuity lapses, such as the freeze, can likely be attributed to the concussion he suffered earlier this year. McConnell had a fall at an event, resulting in hospitalization and subsequent recovery at home.

While the explanations of lightheadedness in concussion recovery and dehydration may seem reasonable and benign, they inevitably raise questions about McConnell's well-being and whether he should consider retirement. At 81 years old, McConnell has served honorably for many years and possesses extensive knowledge of parliamentary rules and Senate procedures. Many view him as irreplaceable in these regards. It is worth noting that Republicans owe him gratitude for preventing Merrick Garland's appointment to the Supreme Court. Considering Garland's performance as Attorney General and recent revelations about Hunter Biden and Biden, Inc., it appears that Garland may have a corrupt streak. Additionally, Garland likely approved the special counsel's pursuit of former President Trump.

It may be prudent for McConnell to discuss retirement with his wife, Elaine Chou. Thanks to his influence, the Kentucky Legislature passed a rule allowing the governor to appoint a replacement from the senator's political party if they leave office before their term ends. Therefore, McConnell's replacement would be a Republican appointed by the Democrat governor of Kentucky.

The aging of top political leaders, including Joe Biden, Donald Trump, Mitch McConnell, Dianne Feinstein, and Senator John Fetterman, highlights the need to address this issue. It becomes essential for their loved ones to engage in honest and frank conversations with them. There comes a point when continuing in power becomes a form of elder abuse. While relinquishing power, control, and the associated perks can be challenging, it is a necessary part of life. C'est la vie.

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