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United States Capitol News & Breaking Stories

Gov. Jim Justice Endorses Trump 2024
  • 15th May 2024

Gov. Jim Justice Endorses Trump 2024

West Virginia governor endorses Trump for 2024, criticizes Biden. Polls show support for Trump amid politically motivated indictments. Trump vows to fight.

House Rep warns national security threat
  • 14th Feb 2024

House Rep warns national security threat

Republican Rep. Mike Turner urges Biden to declassify info about "serious" national security threat, but details remain unclear. Democratic lawmakers caution.

Ray Epps sentenced probation
  • 10th Jan 2024

Ray Epps sentenced probation

Ray Epps, a man accused of being an undercover federal agent, has been sentenced to one year of probation.

Republicans Nominate Steve Scalise for House Speaker but Struggle to Quickly Unite and Elect Him
  • 12th Oct 2023

Republicans Nominate Steve Scalise for House Speaker but Struggle to Quickly Unite and Elect Him

House Republicans have nominated Rep. Steve Scalise to be the next House speaker, but deep divisions within the party have delayed the election process. Scalise narrowly beat Rep. Jim Jordan in a private ballot, but it remains uncertain whether lawmakers who supported Jordan will back Scalise in a full House vote. The GOP majority is divided, and Democrats are expected to oppose the Republican nominee.

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Discovering News Content Around "The United States Capitol"

Ever found yourself diving into the intriguing realm of news surrounding The United States Capitol?

Sure you have! Let's offer a peek behind that metaphorical curtain. The kind of news content we might find under this topic is as diverse and colorful as an American quilt.

A key part involves political updates, no surprises there! This beautiful neoclassical structure houses the House Representatives and Senate chambers where major decisions animating our democracy take place. Expect legislation related reports, appointments or rejections in governmental roles and policy changes announced by members remember when Obamacare was passed?

I bet you're asking what else? Well, there's more!

Renovations and maintenance of this iconic building also attract much attention. Recalling 2011 when a startling earthquake led to repairs worth $15 million? Quite alarming indeed!

Wait! There's even more captivating news .. ever considered security January 6 coup which will forever be imprinted on our minds? Or demonstrations such as December 2020 Black Lives Matter rally highlighting racial equality issues.. pretty significant stuff wouldn't you say_?

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