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New Book Claims Alleged Fraudster Sam Bankman-Fried Considered Paying Trump $5 Billion to Halt Presidential Run
  • 2nd Oct 2023

New Book Claims Alleged Fraudster Sam Bankman-Fried Considered Paying Trump $5 Billion to Halt Presidential Run

Democratic megadonor Sam Bankman-Fried considered paying former President Donald Trump not to run for reelection in 2020, according to a new book. Bankman-Fried's associates reportedly established a covert communication line with Trump's camp and found he could potentially be swayed for $5 billion. Bankman-Fried also planned to contribute millions to Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell to defeat "Trumpier" candidates. Bankman-Fried is currently facing charges of fraud and embezzlement.

A Federal Government Shutdown: What To Know
  • 21st Sep 2023

A Federal Government Shutdown: What To Know

The possibility of a government shutdown is looming large, after Republican leadership scrapped a procedural vote on a stopgap funding bill to keep the government running through October. Intraparty feuding between moderates and the hard-right lies at the heart of the GOP's inability to reach a compromise and highlights the challenge before House Speaker Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.).

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Mitch McConnell: A Power Play in Politics

Ever been curious about Mitch McConnell? Let's dive deep into this topic, just you and me. If politics were a chess game, then Mitch would indubitably be the cunning knight making decisive moves across the board.

When we browse through pages discussing Mitch's name, what do we see? Think policy reformations, landslide victories and sometimes heated controversies – pretty much sums it up, wouldn't you agree?

The Kentucky senator’s career spans multiple decades - quite a feat wouldn’t you say? His role as Senate Majority Leader from 2015 to 2021 lifted him to prominence within Washington D.C.'s power circles. Remember those major Trump administration policies that transformed America inside-out during its tenure? Yes! Our man was at the helm of many such pivotal decisions.

An astute tactician like McConnell is never far from political uproar — no great saga lacks drama after all! And thus criticism also enters our narrative here. Praised by many for his leadership skills while others vehemently disagree with his strategies; yes folks, he is indeed one of those figures who ignites passionate discourse among people on both sides of aisle!

His handling of Supreme Court nominations has always set tongues wagging too. Case in point - blocking Obama's nomination vs rushing to fill Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s seat under Donald Trump’s term... It feels like real-time game theory in action doesn't it?


I bet now anytime 'Mitch McConnell' pops up on your news feed or makes headlines around orbiting topics such as legislative actions, filibuster reforms or judicial appointments; don't forget—you've unlocked some valuable insights that will help decode those stories better!

So why not keep tabs on him for brewing stories fresh off Capitol Hill?

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