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Brock Purdy opens up about UCL injury vs. Eagles, discloses conversation with Kyle Shanahan and the 49ers

Brock Purdy's UCL injury in the NFC Championship Game ended the 49ers' Super Bowl dreams, but he's ready for another shot.

In a game that will forever be etched in his memory, Brock Purdy experienced a devastating injury that not only altered his own future but also dashed the hopes of the San Francisco 49ers in their quest for Super Bowl LVII. It was a moment that no player or fan wants to relive, and undoubtedly a message that coach Kyle Shanahan was saddened to receive.

It happened during the NFC Championship Game, on a second-and-6 play in the first quarter. Purdy, the young quarterback for the 49ers, took the snap at midfield in Philadelphia and scanned the field for an open receiver. Little did he know that this play would have a profound impact on his career.

As Purdy dropped back, he spotted Brandon Aiyuk wide open, anticipating a big play. But in an instant, everything changed. Eagles linebacker Haason Reddick grabbed hold of Purdy's arm as he was about to release the ball, causing immense pain and a sensation of electricity shooting down his arm. Purdy described it as feeling like he had been shot.

Despite the pain, Purdy tried to tough it out and stay in the game. But the intensity of the pain made it nearly impossible for him to throw the ball with any accuracy. He had to concede to the pain and inform Shanahan of the situation.

Heading to the sidelines, Purdy approached Shanahan and delivered the heartbreaking news. He expressed uncertainty about his ability to throw the ball, leaving Shanahan with a difficult decision to make. It was a moment that may have surprised some, but Purdy's father, Shawn, knew all too well the feeling of such an injury, having experienced it himself as a minor league pitcher in the 1990s.

As Purdy's parents watched the game, they couldn't help but worry about their son's future. Carrie Purdy, his mother, expressed her concerns, questioning how their journey had led them to this moment and fearing that it would be the end of their season.

The 49ers' medical staff tried various methods to support Purdy and alleviate the pain, but even short passes of 5 to 10 yards were excruciating for him. As fate would have it, backup quarterback Josh Johnson was also forced to leave the game with a concussion, leaving Purdy with no choice but to return to the field despite his torn UCL.

With a 21-7 deficit and a limited ability to throw the ball, Purdy re-entered the huddle, his teammates rallying behind him. Deep down, he knew he couldn't make the throws he needed to, but he was determined to give it his all. In a valiant effort, he completed two passes, albeit short ones, but it wasn't enough to overcome the Eagles' tough defense. The game ended in a disappointing 31-7 loss for the 49ers.

Now, eight months later, Purdy has undergone surgery and made a full recovery. He is eager to take another shot at the Super Bowl, and considering how close he brought the 49ers last season, their chances look promising. Despite the setback and the pain he endured, Purdy's resilience and determination serve as a testament to his character and his unwavering commitment to his team's success.

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