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NFL Scores Big In Advertising Effectiveness Bowl
  • 11th Sep 2023

NFL Scores Big In Advertising Effectiveness Bowl

Super Bowl advertisers achieved significant gains in engagement and effectiveness, according to research by EDO. Advertisers spent $3.7bn on ads during the NFL regular season, which had an engagement rate 20% higher than the broadcast primetime average. During the playoffs, advertisers spent $632m, achieving an engagement rate 19% higher than the primetime average. Super Bowl LVII saw advertisers spend $757m, with an engagement rate 221% higher than the primetime average. The NFL had five of the top ten programs for TV advertising effectiveness, with Thanksgiving Day and Thursday Night Football games proving particularly impactful.

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Hello there, football fanatics! Let me tell you, aren't we all pumped for Super Bowl LVII? I bet it's just not me who is eagerly looking forward to every single nugget of information on this heart-pumping event. So what can we anticipate from news reports about this grand episode in American sports? Let's get straight into it! Firstly, don't forget that a significant slice of pre-Superbowl news orbit around team analysis. Yeah, right from covering team strategies and player form to injury updates; they have got everything covered. It's kind of like peeling an onion - layer by layer we discover coach decisions and line-up changes. Intriguing isn't it?

Moving along but within touching distance will be coverage around the spectacular set-piece routines which are as famed as the game itself – think halftime shows anyone? Who wouldn’t want daily updates on those high-voltage performances (pop icons dropping hints) or speculations for surprise appearances!

Beyond these core components though, is a host of other areas the Super Bowl covers: juicy celebrity run-ins or socially vibrant moments termed trivia and so much more! Interesting tidbits about unique ads slated to play during commercial breaks will also flood your news feed. They're practically a cherished mini-event in their own right!

So buckle up dear readers for some electrifying times ahead because if there’s one thing certain with SuperBowl season – no day is ever dull! The clock’s ticking down until kickoff already!

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