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Lauren Boebert kicked out of Beetlejuice show in Denver

Congresswoman Lauren Boebert was kicked out of a Denver musical play after audience members accused her of vaping and causing a disturbance.

U.S. Representative Lauren Boebert was asked to leave a production of the "Beetlejuice" musical in Denver on Sunday, as captured by security footage. Although the theater did not explicitly name Boebert, a spokesperson confirmed that the individuals escorted out of the venue in the video were guests who had been accused by audience members of vaping, singing, using phones, and causing a disturbance.

Boebert's campaign manager acknowledged that she was indeed asked to leave but denied the allegation of vaping. Boebert and her companion ultimately left the theater. In a text message, Drew Sexton, Boebert's campaign manager, playfully confirmed the rumors, stating that Boebert enjoys supporting the performing arts and admitting that she sang along, laughed, and had a good time.

Boebert, currently serving her second term in Congress, is seeking reelection in Colorado's 3rd Congressional District, which encompasses a significant portion of the state's western region. The incident at the theater was initially reported by The Denver Post.

During her relatively brief tenure in Washington, Boebert has gained national attention for her confrontational approach, often making headlines in the media. One notable instance was when she heckled President Joe Biden during his 2022 State of the Union address to Congress.

According to the theater's statement, during the altercation, both Boebert and her companion made remarks such as "do you know who I am" and "I will be contacting the mayor."

On the social media platform X (formerly Twitter), Boebert encouraged others to see the musical and requested feedback on how it concludes.

Initially, the two guests refused to leave the venue, even after an employee threatened to involve the police, as stated by the theater. However, they eventually departed once a police officer was en route.

The security footage obtained by The Associated Press does not seem to capture Boebert vaping.

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