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PragerU Video on Importance of Columbus Day - Featuring Breitbart News Reporter Alana Mastrangelo

PragerU releases a video defending Columbus Day against woke leftists attempting to erase the holiday and its historical significance.

PragerU, a conservative education platform, has released a video highlighting the significance of Columbus Day and condemning woke leftists' attempts to erase the holiday. The video features Alana Mastrangelo, a reporter from Breitbart News, who passionately defends the holiday and exposes the underlying agenda of cultural Marxism.

In response to the growing movement to replace Columbus Day with "Indigenous Peoples' Day," PragerU's video not only emphasizes the importance of the holiday but also delves into its surprising history. Mastrangelo, a proud Italian-American, was chosen to narrate the video due to her expertise in countering the attacks on Columbus Day. She previously wrote a column in 2021, setting the stage for why leftists despise the holiday and why it is crucial to protect it.

Mastrangelo clarifies that Columbus himself is not the sole focus of the holiday but rather serves as a symbol. Originally, Columbus Day was established to promote acceptance of Italian immigrants in America, who faced discrimination and media bias. The New York Times, for instance, published negative articles about Italian newcomers, openly expressing disdain for them.

The history of Columbus Day and its significance to Italian-Americans resonate deeply with Mastrangelo, as her family has a relatively recent history in the United States. She explains that her father immigrated in 1969, and her mother's parents in 1957. Growing up, she frequently visited Italy, which instilled in her a profound appreciation for America and its values. Mastrangelo believes that assimilation is vital, but celebrating Columbus Day allows Italian-Americans to share their heritage with their fellow countrymen.

Amidst the prevailing animosity towards Christopher Columbus, Mastrangelo argues that criticizing the explorer is myopic. She contends that judging historical figures based on contemporary standards overlooks their contributions to creating the advanced society we enjoy today. Refusing to adopt the left's premise, she highlights their support for unrestricted abortion, which future generations may deem genocidal. Mastrangelo asserts that the left's attack on Columbus and Columbus Day is part of a broader cultural Marxist agenda to erase history, erode national identity, and undermine American values.

Ultimately, PragerU's video and Mastrangelo's commentary serve as a rallying cry to defend Columbus Day and preserve our understanding of the past. She encourages individuals to redirect the conversation away from Columbus' perceived faults and instead focus on the bravery of his explorations, which led to the discovery of something far more significant than a route to China and India.

In conclusion, PragerU's video featuring Alana Mastrangelo passionately defends Columbus Day against woke leftists' attempts to erase the holiday. Mastrangelo emphasizes the historical context of the holiday and its importance to Italian-Americans, urging individuals to reject the cultural Marxist agenda of erasing our history and national identity. By celebrating Columbus Day, we commemorate the contributions of those who shaped our society and reaffirm our sense of belonging in the American story.

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