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Steve Garvey Says Tommy Lasorda Helping Inspire Senate Run, You Gotta Believe!
  • 11th Oct 2023

Steve Garvey Says Tommy Lasorda Helping Inspire Senate Run, You Gotta Believe!

74-year-old Steve Garvey, a former World Series champion, is running for the Senate in California and aims to be the first Republican to hold the position in decades. Despite the challenges, Garvey is confident he can win with his common sense campaign and focus on quality-of-life issues. He has received support from rival fan bases and Democrats who appreciate his care for them and their families. Garvey's former teammates, including Tommy Lasorda, have also shown their support. Garvey believes in the power of belief and hopes to connect with Californians before the election.

Mexico's Elections on the Horizon: A Report on the Border
  • 18th Jul 2023

Mexico's Elections on the Horizon: A Report on the Border

Mexican voters in Baja California are preparing for the June 2024 elections, where they will choose a new president, replace the chamber of deputies and senate, and select local and state leaders. A nonpartisan group called Consejo Ciudadano Independiente is aiming to offer voters more choices by identifying potential candidates that could win the support of opposition parties and independent voters. The group is creating a digital platform to vet applicants and pass on their information to opposition parties. Baja California has seen a decrease in voter turnout, and the Consejo members hope to make a difference by addressing the neglect in governance.

Joe Biden Unable to Substitue Kamala Harris—No Exceptions.
  • 9th Jul 2023

Joe Biden Unable to Substitue Kamala Harris—No Exceptions.

Some in Washington fear that President Biden is "shackled" to Vice President Kamala Harris and worry about her potential as president if Biden doesn't finish his term. Replacing Harris would be difficult due to her identity as the first female, Black, and Asian-American VP. Changing the VP would also raise questions about Biden's judgment. The Indian-American community, which could be crucial in a future election, might also be turned off if Harris is replaced. One potential solution could be for Harris to be appointed to fill a Senate vacancy in California, allowing Biden to choose a new running mate. However, such a move would require political maneuvering that Biden and Harris may not be capable of executing successfully.

What news can we find under Conservatism News Section?

Exploring the Multifaceted World of Conservatism

"Hey there reader, ever wonder what sort of news content pops up when you dive into the world of 'Conservatism'? It's no secret that this topic is a treasure trove for passionate discussions, political battles and philosophical arguments. Be it social policies, economical standpoints or traditional norms - in one way or other conservatism finds its place.

I bet you're thinking: "Doesn't Conservatism represent an inclination towards preserving traditional values?" Absolutely! But it’s like looking at an iceberg from above sea level – what we see is only a fraction. Integral to conservatism are topics like limited government interference, free market economy principles and individual liberty!

You have to agree with me here - 'Conservatives', they positively have a unique way of viewing things, don't they? The milieu that emanates around them often brings forth stimulating news on topics ranging from laws and governance, theological debates on morality and ethics to more nuanced discussions about art & culture filtering through the lens of tradition.

Intriguingly though, has your curiosity ever piqued at how relevant issues like climate change or LGBTQ+ rights are translated within conservative narratives? It's certainly fascinating! Just sitting with my cuppa Joe every morning sifting through these takes and deliberations makes my day interesting."

Perspective Matters:

The beauty lies in perspective. Some might call conservative ideologies outdated while others believe they provide necessary stability against rapid societal changes. What do you think?

All said it'd be safe for us to take away this thought- News under 'conservatism', might appear uniform but is incredibly diverse from any lens we choose to wear." Isn’t this something worth delving deeper into?

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