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Steve Garvey Says Tommy Lasorda Helping Inspire Senate Run, You Gotta Believe!

74-year-old Steve Garvey, a former World Series champion, is running for the Senate in California and aims to be the first Republican to hold the position in decades. Despite the challenges, Garvey is confident he can win with his common sense campaign and focus on quality-of-life issues. He has received support from rival fan bases and Democrats who appreciate his care for them and their families. Garvey's former teammates, including Tommy Lasorda, have also shown their support. Garvey believes in the power of belief and hopes to connect with Californians before the election.

In a surprising turn of events, 74-year-old Garvey has decided to venture into the world of politics by announcing his bid to fill the late Dianne Feinstein's seat next year. While it has been decades since a Republican has held this position, Garvey remains confident that he can be the one to change that.

Reflecting on his decision, Garvey shares that many people have expressed their doubts about running for the Senate in California, often considered the most challenging race in America. However, their words of encouragement have only fueled his determination. He recounts an encounter with a San Francisco Giants fan who, despite their rivalry, pledged their support for him. This interaction, along with Democrats expressing their willingness to vote for a Republican because they trust Garvey's commitment to their well-being, solidified his resolve.

Garvey intends to run a campaign based on common sense, focusing on issues that directly impact the quality of life, public safety, and education. These are the areas where he believes he can make a significant difference while serving in office.

The response from Garvey's former teammates has been overwhelmingly positive, warming his heart. As he connects with Californians in the lead-up to the elections, he plans to convey a message that resonates with them. Drawing inspiration from the legendary Tommy Lasorda, who was not only a great manager but also a father figure and Hall of Famer, Garvey believes in the power of belief. Despite skeptics claiming that winning in California is impossible for a Republican, Garvey and the people will hold onto the belief that he can effectively represent them in Washington.

Lasorda's legacy as one of the all-time greats in baseball, having won two World Series titles as the Dodgers' skipper, further inspires Garvey. The organization even retired Lasorda's No. 2 jersey in his honor. Garvey plans to incorporate videos of people expressing their belief in him as part of his campaign, emphasizing that the ultimate belief lies in the people of California.

In conclusion, Garvey's foray into politics has been met with both encouragement and skepticism. However, his unwavering belief in his ability to bring about change, coupled with the support he has received from unexpected sources, has solidified his determination. By focusing on key issues and connecting with Californians on a personal level, Garvey aims to defy expectations and secure a victory in the upcoming elections.

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