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Adolis Garcia injury boosts Rangers' purpose on the field.

Adolis García inspired his teammates to a resounding 11-7 win in Game 4 of the World Series despite being ruled out for the season due to injury.

Adolis García, who is unable to play for the rest of the season due to a muscle strain, showed that he is still dedicated to contributing to the team. After informing his teammates that he couldn't continue playing, García spoke to the Rangers' hitters before their daily prep meeting. He urged them to pick him up and be successful in the game. The Rangers understood his message and scored 10 runs in the first three innings, ultimately winning the game 11-7. This victory puts them one step closer to winning the World Series.

García's replacement in right field, Travis Jankowski, spoke about the emotional impact of García's words. He couldn't imagine going through a season, putting up impressive numbers, and breaking records, only to be unable to finish the job on the field. Jankowski believed that García's message put things into perspective for the team.

The day started with a Halloween event for the Ranger families at the team's hotel. Jankowski, who was only on the opening day roster due to another player's injury, took his four kids around with other teammates to take their minds off the game ahead.

Meanwhile, García was receiving an MRI and treatment for his injury. He attempted to take a swing in the batting cage before the hitters meeting but was in too much pain to continue. By the time the meeting started, everyone knew that García's season was over.

Normally, the hitters meeting begins with the "Hitter of the Day" award, which is usually a lighthearted moment. However, on this day, the award winner was García, and he was invited to say a few words. Despite his vulnerability, García expressed his desire to still contribute to the team. His words meant a lot to his teammates and set the tone for the game.

The Rangers' two rallies, both with two outs, exemplified their "Next guy up" mentality. The first rally started with a leadoff double from Josh Jung, who had been moved up in the batting order. With two outs, Jung scored on a wild pitch, and the team continued to hit, resulting in a 5-0 lead. In the third inning, after an error by Arizona, Jankowski and Marcus Semien hit doubles, and Corey Seager hit a home run, extending the lead to 10-0.

Although García's absence was felt by the team, his words and dedication inspired them to play with purpose. The Rangers are now one win away from winning the World Series.

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