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Elon Musk steps aside as Tesla CEO with outrageous X comments, long time Tesla bull says

Tesla supporter Ross Gerber says Elon Musk has "stepped aside" from CEO role, facing backlash for controversial comments on social media.

Ross Gerber, the president and CEO of Gerber Kawasaki Wealth & Investment Management, has been a long-time supporter of Tesla and Elon Musk. However, he is now expressing the view that Musk is no longer effectively leading the company. In an interview with CNBC, Gerber stated that Musk has "already stepped aside" as CEO of Tesla, despite not officially resigning from the role. Gerber cited Musk's continued engagement with X, the company formerly known as Twitter that Musk acquired, as evidence of his disengagement with Tesla. He further claimed that Musk's actions are not benefiting Tesla and that he is destroying everything he has built.

Gerber's comments reflect a growing sentiment among investors, with clients demanding that their investments in Tesla be sold due to Musk's behavior. He himself is considering ditching his Model Y Tesla for a Rivian due to Musk's statements. Musk has faced backlash for his recent comments on X, including responding to an antisemitic post and making controversial remarks about American history and racism. IBM has suspended all advertising on X in response to Musk's comments, and other tech executives have criticized him.

While representatives for Tesla did not immediately respond to Gerber's statements, an executive at X pointed to the platform's efforts to combat antisemitism and discrimination. Musk has previously denied being antisemitic, but his recent comments have sparked widespread outrage and calls for his resignation. The controversy surrounding Musk's behavior has raised concerns about the impact on Tesla's brand and the future of the company under his leadership.

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