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Nine Changes Spur Steelers Offense, Forget Matt Canada's Sideline Move

Steelers make noticeable changes, move offensive coordinator to sideline. Tweak works, team produces season highs in several areas during win.

The Pittsburgh Steelers made a noticeable change in their approach during their game against the Tennessee Titans, moving offensive coordinator Matt Canada from the press box to the sideline. This change allowed Canada to communicate more effectively with all position groups and gave him a fresh perspective on the game. The results were outstanding, with the Steelers producing season highs in various offensive categories during their 20-16 win.

While the move of Canada to the sideline garnered much attention, there were several other significant changes that contributed to the team's success. The Steelers' opening drive, which had been a point of concern in previous games, saw a major improvement as they scored a touchdown for the first time on their opening drive since December 2022. This was due to better execution, particularly on possession downs, and a shift in their play-calling strategy.

The team also made changes to their offensive line, giving rookie Broderick Jones his first career start at right tackle and utilizing his unique skill set to their advantage. They also adjusted their personnel and formations, opting to use more 11 personnel and shotgun formations to spread out the Titans' defense and create favorable matchups for their running game.

Speaking of the running game, the Steelers made significant improvements in their rushing attack by running against lighter boxes and incorporating different types of runs, including both zone and gap-scheme runs. They also increased their use of play-action and screen passes, which helped keep the Titans' defense off balance and opened up opportunities for other receivers.

Overall, the Steelers' offensive changes and adjustments proved to be effective, leading to a more balanced and dynamic performance on the field. These changes, combined with the improved play of quarterback Kenny Pickett in the fourth quarter, have given the team a winning formula that they hope to build on in future games.

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