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Colin Cowherd: Dak Prescott Ranked as Top 3 Quarterback on FOX Sports Radio

Cowherd believes the Cowboys are a Super Bowl contender, with Dak Prescott playing his way into the MVP conversation. Watch the segment.

Colin Cowherd recently shared his thoughts on the Dallas Cowboys, stating that he sees them as a top 5 or 6 team with the potential to win the Super Bowl. This is a significant shift in his opinion, as he hasn't felt this confident in the team in decades. He attributes their potential success to several key factors, including a very good quarterback in Dak Prescott, an explosive playmaker in CeeDee Lamb, an excellent pass rush, an above-average offensive line, and a veteran head coach in Mike McCarthy who is having the best coaching year of his career.

Cowherd praises Prescott's performance, noting that he has been playing the best football of his life. Before the bye, Prescott had six touchdowns and four interceptions, but after the bye, he has thrown 20 touchdowns and only two interceptions. According to Cowherd, Prescott is currently playing at a level that places him among the top 3 quarterbacks in the league.

Cowherd also takes a jab at Aaron Rodgers, suggesting that his performance with his current coach is not as impressive as it was under Mike McCarthy. He points out that Rodgers is facing challenges in New York, while McCarthy has been instrumental in elevating Prescott's game.

Overall, Cowherd's analysis suggests that the Dallas Cowboys are a force to be reckoned with this season, and Dak Prescott's performance is a significant factor in their potential success. This marks a significant shift in Cowherd's perspective on the team, and he emphasizes the importance of forming opinions based on new information and developments in the NFL.

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