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AI Hype Continues Google Gemini Model Fuels Investor Optimism Quiver Quantitative

Alphabet's stock surges with the release of its latest AI model, Gemini, easing concerns about its competitive position in the AI sector.

Alphabet, the parent company of Google, experienced a significant increase in its stock value after the release of its latest artificial intelligence (AI) model, Gemini. This surge in stock value has alleviated concerns about Alphabet's competitive position in the rapidly evolving AI sector. The company's shares saw a substantial upswing, marking an intraday gain of 6.1% since July, boosting its market capitalization by over $80 billion. In comparison to the Nasdaq 100 Index and Microsoft, Alphabet's shares have outperformed, showcasing a 55% increase.

The optimism surrounding AI has contributed to the gains in megacap tech stocks in 2023. Alphabet's cloud unit, which has been attracting business from AI startups, has seen strong performance. Investors are closely monitoring the AI landscape for any signs of weakness or strength. Analysts have expressed positive sentiment regarding the Gemini release, with KeyBanc Capital Markets calling it "a flex of years of AI muscle development." Roth MKM expects "negative AI sentiment toward GOOGL to fade quickly leading to an uptick in its valuation multiple."

Google is launching three versions of Gemini for various applications: Gemini Ultra, the most powerful version, Gemini Pro, the midline version, and Gemini Nano, the smallest version intended for use on smartphones, laptops, and other local devices. The release of Gemini marks a significant step forward for Google in its quest to become a leader in the AI space. The model has the potential to be used in a wide range of applications, and investors are clearly excited about its potential.

Analysts have positively responded to the Gemini release, with KeyBanc Capital Markets highlighting it as an indication of Alphabet's sustained AI development efforts. Roth MKM anticipates a swift dissipation of negative AI sentiment towards Alphabet, potentially leading to an enhanced valuation multiple. The AI sector has become a critical factor in driving stock values, particularly among major technology and internet companies. Nvidia and Advanced Micro Devices, both pivotal in AI chip production, have seen their shares surge, with Nvidia more than tripling and AMD climbing over 90% this year.

Alphabet's successful launch of Gemini, comprising its most advanced AI software model to date, has been well-received by the market. The launch of three versions of Gemini, tailored for different applications, further underscores Google's commitment to leading the global AI race.

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