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Feliz Navidad: The 24 Best Christmas Songs in Español

Top 24 Spanish-language Christmas songs for those who celebrate Christmas on Dec. 24. A Spotify playlist is included. #Christmas #HolidayMusic #LatinX

The Christmas season is a time of celebration and joy, and what better way to celebrate than with a festive soundtrack that can warm even the coldest of hearts? For those who celebrate Christmas on December 24th, as is the tradition in Latin American culture, we've compiled a ranked list of Spanish-language holiday classics, both old and new, to enjoy on Nochebuena.

Our list was compiled with input from various Latino staffers at The Times, and we've included a Spotify playlist for you to enjoy with your family, friends, partners, and even your pets, or just by yourself.

Starting off our list at number 24 is Conexión Divina's "Comó Poder Olvidar," a heartfelt track about spending Christmas alone. Then we have the Puerto Rican bolero masters Trio Vegabajeño with "Las Cantares De Navidad," and the chaotic Christmas dembow "Prende El Arbolito" by El Alfa, El Cherry Scom, Kiko El Crazy, and Shelow Shaq.

We also have a Christmas song in the Peruvian chicha genre with Los Shapis' "En Navidad," and the eternal queen of salsa, Celia Cruz, with her Spanish-language take on "Jingle Bells." Prince Royce delivers rom-com-worthy taglines in his funky original Christmas carol "Mi Regalo Favorito," and Raulín Rodríguez anchors the bachata genre to its working-class roots with "Navidad, Navidad."

Buttressed by flourishes of Sephardic Spanish guitar, Eydie Gormé and Trio Los Panchos lay down a sweet paean to the Three Wise Men with "Melchor, Gaspar y Baltazar," and Carla Morrison's "Jesús" is a Christmas song suffused with indie-folk chill.

Augie Rios' "¿Dónde Está Santa Claus?" speaks to a time when bilingualism in chart-toppers was accepted, and Los Lobos' "La Rama" is a joyous song that found a wider audience thanks to a recommendation from a fan.

Fuerza Regida's "24 de Diciembre" is a syrupy rola that captures the essence of a Mexican Christmas, and Los Tigres del Norte's "La Navidad de los Pobres" puts the consumerist holiday into perspective with its focus on faith and community.

Grupo Kual's "Rumba en Navidad" captures the trepidation of being far away from home for the holidays, while Tony Camargo's "El Año Viejo" is Latin America's version of "Auld Lang Syne." Willie Colón and Héctor Lavoe indulge in some Christmas fun with "Aires de Navidad," and Chavela Vargas and Jenni Rivera match José Alfredo Jiménez's heart-wrenching "Amarga Navidad" with their own renditions.

Elvis Crespo and Víctor Manuelle's duet "El Cuerpo Me Pide" is a Boricua gold, and El Gran Combo's "No Hay Cama Pa' Tanta Gente" captures the trepidation of hosting family ragers on Nochebuena.

Pandora's "Los Peces En El Río" turns a sweet Christmas carol into a power ballad, and Luis Miguel's "Santa Claus Llegó a La Ciudad" showcases his talent as the Spanish-language Frank Sinatra.

Los Bukis' "Navidad Sin Ti" and José Feliciano's "Feliz Navidad" are both crowd-pleasers, while La Rondallita's "El Burrito de Belén" is the most enduring Christmas carol of the Spanish-language world. Written in 1972 by composer Hugo Blanco, "El Burrito" was recorded first by folk singer "Tío" Simón Diáz, then again by Venezuelan children's choir La Rondallita in 1975.

Last year, BBC Mundo tracked down soloist Ricardo Cuenci, who was only 8 years old at the time of recording, and learned that he never received his big break, much less compensation for "El Burrito." Despite this, the song brought him to Puerto Rico, where he was scouted to join the popular boy band, Menudo, but his father declined the offer, and Cuenci's voice began to change under the influence of puberty.

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