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Harry Dunn, ex-Capitol police officer running for Congress to stop Trump's MAGA extremists

Capitol Police officer Harry Dunn announced his bid for Congress, vowing to block the MAGA movement and hold Trump accountable.

Former US Capitol Police officer Harry Dunn has officially announced his campaign for Congress, with plans to run in Maryland's 3rd Congressional district. Dunn made it clear that he aims to combat the MAGA movement, stating, "I wanna do everything in my power that I can do to fight back against him," in reference to former President Donald Trump.

Dunn, who gained national attention for his actions during the January 6th Capitol riot and subsequent testimony before the House Jan. 6 select committee, emphasized the importance of defending democracy and preventing future events like the insurrection. In his campaign announcement, he highlighted his experience as a Capitol Police Officer and his dedication to protecting the Constitution, particularly in the face of bigotry and the perpetuation of violence.

The former police officer expressed his belief that his potential election to Congress would allow him to bring accountability to Trump and hold him responsible for his actions. Dunn also stressed the significance of upholding democracy and preventing further acts of violence, emphasizing the need for firm commitment to the principles of democracy.

Despite the strongly Democratic nature of the suburban district he aims to represent, Dunn will face a number of primary challengers in the 3rd district contest. However, he remains determined to pursue his goal of securing a seat in Congress and continuing his fight for justice and accountability.

Dunn's decision to run for Congress comes as a response to the events of January 6th and the subsequent denial of the violence and trauma experienced by his fellow officers. He has been vocal about the racial slurs and online abuse he faced, highlighting the need for change and a commitment to combating extremism.

Overall, Dunn's campaign for Congress represents a continued effort to defend democracy, hold individuals accountable for their actions, and prevent the recurrence of events like the January 6th riot. His dedication to these principles and his commitment to serving his community are evident in his decision to run for office.

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